2.0 director Shankar touched by his assistants’ gesture

Director Shankar, known for his movies like Nayak and Enthiran, has completed 25 years in the Tamil film industry.

Director Shankar has successfully completed 25 years in the Tamil film industry. He started his career as a director in 1993 with the film Gentleman, and after two and a half decades, the director has not only survived in the game, but has also managed to stay at the top.

Over the years, many of his assistant directors have turned into successful filmmakers, and have proved their mark individually.

The list includes Atlee, Balaji Sakthivel and Vasanthabalan. Many such assistants of Shankar came together to celebrate their director’s new milestone.

Shankar took to Twitter to share the picture with his assistants from the felicitation ceremony. Shankar remarked that without the help of his assistants, he wouldn’t have been able to achieve this milestone.
Source: https://www.indiatoday.in/movies/regional-cinema/story/2-0-director-touched-by-assistant-s-gesture-1301605-2018-07-31
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