2.0 making: Here’s how Akshay Kumar turned into India’s most expensive supervillain

When Bollywood star Akshay Kumar said that his role in the upcoming sci-fi film 2.0 needed him to put a massive amount of make-up, he wasn’t exaggerating. The actor on Friday unveiled a behind-scenes-video that gives us a glimpse of the grueling four-hour-long make-up session that he had to patiently sit through before he went on the sets of India’s costliest film ever made.

The video shows prosthetic makeup experts turning Akshay into a two-legged beast. His makeup has two distinct variations, including an alien-esque avatar, which we are familiar with. We took the liberty to name this particular look as the “the crow man.” This avatar got a more aggressive variation. The Bollywood A-lister was literally turned into a fear-including beast with wings.

“It was a very challenging role and it took a toll on my body. But the pain and sacrifices were worth it. My character required around 4 hours of prosthetic make-up and another hour and a half to remove it. In my whole career, I’ve never put so much of makeup,” Akshay said during the 2.0 trailer launch event earlier this month.

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