2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections | Rajinikanth likely to make announcement on November 30

Rajinikanth is expected on November 30 to make an announcement on whether or not he will contest in the 2021 Assembly election.

The actor has called a meeting of Rajini Makkal Mandram office-bearers on November 30 at Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam.

A district secretary said Rajini Makkal Mandram members were expecting the actor to make a clear statement and they would stand by him.

Surprise announcement

“We don’t know what to expect. We were just told to come to Mandapam at 9 a.m. We expect a good announcement from him,” he said.

The actor announced in December 2017 that he would form a party and contest in the Assembly election. However, he has not started a party since then, creating an impression that he has decided not to enter politics. In March this year, he laid out his three-point agenda.

Ruling himself out of the post of Chief Minister, the actor said he wanted to separate party from the government by forming a council that would appoint a young and capable Chief Minister and supervise the functioning of the government, abolish thousands of party posts and induct youngsters into the party.

In October, Mr. Rajinikanth responded to a ‘leaked statement’ by confirming his health issues and the doctor’s advice that meeting people and campaigning would put him at risk in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. While this raised doubts whether he would take the political plunge, observers say Mr. Rajinikanth would play some role in the election.

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