Ahead of Tamil Nadu Assembly election, Kamal Haasan says this about Rajinikanth

Kamal Haasan said both Rajinikanth and he would “give up all ego and co-operate if it would benefit the people”.

Actor-politician Kamal Haasan on Tuesday (December 15) said that he was willing to join hands with superstar Rajinikanth if their political ideologies are in sync. It is to be noted that Rajinikanth is expected to contest next year’s Tamil Nadu Assembly election.

Kamal Haasan, who is also chief of the Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM), said both Rajinikanth and he would “give up all ego and co-operate if it would benefit the people”, but asserted that he will want to have a better understanding of Rajinikanth’s ideology before taking any decision.

“Let Rajini speak. We will help each other if required… give up all ego and co-operate if it will benefit the people. We have said this before… nothing new to be said now,” Kamal Haasan said.

“(But) we can’t take his single word (a reference to Rajinikanth’s promise of “spiritual politics” as his party’s cornerstone) as a full ideology. Let them explain in detail, then we will speak,” he added.

Kamal Haasan noted he was “easy as friends” with Rajinikanth and the two were only ever a phone call away.

“I have said why I came to politics. We need a change. Rajinikanth too says that,” he said.

On Sunday Kamal Haasan said, “Alliances will break up and alliances will come together.” In November 2019, Kamal Haasan had said that he would work with Rajinikanth “if there is a need for Tamil Nadu’s development”.

Rajinikanth’s responsed to Kamal Haasan’s November claim by saying, “If there is a situation that requires for the development of the Tamil people, I would join hands with Kamal Haasan”.

The Assembly election in Tamil Nadu is scheduled to take place in May next year.

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