Aishwarya Rai To Learn Karate

Aishwarya Rai To Learn Karate

Interesting snippet for the fans of Superstar Rajnikanth on his forthcoming movie Endiran. While the mega movie remains a closed book, as the makers are keeping the production a guarded secret, interesting incidences connected with the movie do keep the fans thrilled.

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Endiran somehow seems to be having links with Vellore and it may be recalled that some sequences of this Rajnikanth-Aishwarya starrer were shot in the picturesque campus of the VIT University here in January this year. Now a stunt artist from here has worked for the movie recently to coach the heroine in martial arts.

‘It was a memorable experience’ recalled ‘Karate’ Ramesh, who runs Japan Shito-Ryu karate school here for over 30 years, which is affiliated to the World Karate Federation.

He said that a couple of weeks back he had received a phone call from Peter Hein, the stunt master for Endiran, offering him to coach for Aishwarya Rai, the basics of karate.

‘I readily agreed because it is a lifetime offer to work in the mega movie’ Ramesh noted. In the movie, the heroine learns karate from the hero. ‘While the hero Rajnikanth already knows these steps, I had to coach the heroine and her friends’ Ramesh claimed.

In addition, Ramesh also appears in the climax fight scene as a Black Cat commando member. According to him Aishwarya was a quick learner and without much rehearsal she was able to repeat the karate movements.

He has already acted for a Manirathnam movie Iruvar (1997) in which Aishwarya was the heroine, where he duped for Mohanlal in some fight sequences.

‘I used to watch Aishwarya Rai from a distance in that movie. But now I had the opportunity to coach her for Endiran’ Ramesh added showing a photograph he has taken with her after the shooting.

Interestingly Ramesh claimed that he is the only qualified karate champion and a master in the art among the 600 plus stunt artists at the Kollywood’s tinsel industry and the natural choice was to get him booked for Endiran.

He had taken 200 of his ‘black-belt’ students from his school to take part in a fight sequence for the Madhavan starrer Arya last year.

Ramesh began his career as a cine artist when he made a debut as a hero in a Tamil movie Neerupootha Neruppu which turned out to be a flop, following which he took up a career as a stunt artist.

So far he has acted in over 400 movies made in South India since 1986 with almost all the leading heroes of Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages.

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