Akshay Kumar’s ‘Enthiran 2.0’ look revealed: The actor’s villanous get-up is fearsome

Akshay Kumar, who is playing a villain for the first time in Rajinikanth’s Enthiran 2.0, is creating waves with his look in the movie.

Akshay Kumar. Image from Reuters

Fans of the actor revealed Akshay’s look on social networking sites — and we can tell you that he does look fearsome!

The images, which were shared on Twitter, show Akshay riding a bike in the midst of a crowd, but this is Akshay like you’ve never seen him before — with a villainous scowl, grey dyed hair and red eyes and bushy, winged brows. The look resembles that of a raven. To complete the get-up, Akshay sports a black, feathered jacket.

In Enthiran 2.0, Akshay plays a scientist called Dr. Richard who turns into a crow — we presume while trying out some not-well-intentioned experiments. The character arc is one that has been explored by lots of villains in superhero villains, including Dr Octavius aka Octopus in the Superman franchise. We’re sure Akshay’s evil alter ego will wreak equal damage!

The makers of Enthiran 2.0 had been trying to keep Akshay’s look under wraps, reports The Indian Express. But since Akshay was shooting in full costume among the crowds at New Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, it would have been impossible to keep them from clicking his pictures on their cellphones.

Enthiran 2.0 is being directed by Shankar and is a sequel to Enthiran. It features Rajinikanth, Akshay Kumar and the latter’s Singh Is Bling co-star Amy Jackson.

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