Ash, Rajni in Peru, Brazil – Exclusive Shooting Pictures

Everyone’s looking forward to Rajnikanth’s new film, Enthiran, with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Directed by ace filmmaker Shankar, the film promises to entertain.

We bring you exclusive pictures of the film, during its shooting at the historical Inca civilisational site of Machu Picchu in Peru. The film was also shot in Brazil.

Enthiran 1

The film — earlier titled Robot — was first offered to Shah Rukh Khan. After he opted out, Shankar’s favourite actor Rajnikanth stepped in.

But then the next question arose: Who would be Rajni’s heroine in the film?

Enthiran 2

Shriya Saran, Rajni’s Sivaji co-star, was considered for the role. But it eventually went to the gorgeous Ash. This is her first film with Rajni, and her second with Shankar, after Jeans.

Enthiran 3

Rajnikanth and Ash put on a flamboyant look in the film, replete with feathers, beads and sequence.

Enthiran 4

Makeup artist Ojas Rajani (left) made sure Ash looked radiant and beautiful in Enthiran.

Enthiran 5

The camera focuses on Ash getting her look right, even as Rajnikant goes for a stroll in the background.

Enthiran 6

Enthiran revolves around a robot that turns out to be a monster. It’s up to Rajnikant to destroy the monster and save everyone else.

Enthiran 7

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15 Responses to “Ash, Rajni in Peru, Brazil – Exclusive Shooting Pictures”

  1. Hello Akka,

    She is very beautiful and sensitive.

  2. super star is always superstar in world,this fan expecting rajini to be a chief minister of tamil nadu,.

  3. talaiva neega than superstar ennaikkum,waru mudalamaichar ragha varugha,ulaga makkal kaathirikkanga talaiva vaanga

  4. Enthiran will be a hit only if Shankar works his “Heart out” like the way he dis in Indhiyan and Mudhalavan

    Shankar will give Rajnia flop if he gets careless like the way he did in Sivaji. Though Sivaji in my opinion was lucky at the box office as a hard core fan of Rajni for the past 29 years

    Good luck to thalaivar

  5. my fav hero is hero and heroine are super star and ash and my fav director is shankar. the film robo would be a big block buster and entertainment for me as my favourites are working together.


  7. HAI THALAIVA… ‘YOU THE SUPER STAR’ in the world

  8. hi, whats new in it, it will be an another super duper hit for rajni kanth. no special news. same old news will repeat. hits for rajni common.

  9. great post. endhiran will be a another great success for life time hero.

  10. i think it will flop

  11. sorry guys… it will be a block bluster

  12. Star will be Always super Star

    look him how young he is……….

  13. All the images behind i can see Dir Shankar, he alone can show our super star too awesome and such a unseen locations that too in Tamil movie…

  14. our super star is the only super star in the world

  15. Rajni is the one of the super star & the enthiran is the best movie of shankers we hope it.

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