Bhumika’s dream to act opposite Superstar

Bhumika has been in Tollywood for nearly a decade. She is not only a glamourous star but she is also a very talented actress. Bhumika has acted with some of the top heroes in Tollywood in her long career.


She is now married to yoga guru Bharat Thakur. But even despite her new status as a married woman, Bhumika continues to bag lead roles in films and her fan following and appeal have not dimmed one bit.

Bhumika has now turned producer and she is producing a series of films on her DownTown productions banner. She has also launched a film and lifestyle magazine and a website.

Bhumika has a long standing wish and that is to act in a film opposite superstar Rajnikanth. Will the superstar oblige Bhumika and make her wish come true? Wait and see.

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