Endhiran in July – Rajini



Superstar Rajinikanth today met the Tamil Nadu chief minister M. Karunanidhi at his residence and expressed thanks for his presence at the engagement ceremony of his daughter yesterday. While coming out of CM’s residence Rajinikanth told, actors attend filmy functions only on their own will and not out of compulsions from anybody.

On ‘Endhiran’ the superstar said the film would be ready for release in July in all probability. The actor made it clear that shooting of Endhiran is over and the post production work is on. Being one of the huge budget films of the year and the amount of research and work that director Shankar has put in, this film has created a lot of expectations. But then, it happens with all Rajini films.

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  1. Great work Rajini sir.

    Will wait till even 2012 , make Enthiran the best movie of the year.

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