Endhiran to be released in 30 screens in Chennai !!!

Endhiran to be released in 30 screens in Chennai !!!

Endhiran to be released in 30 screens in Chennai

Endhiran to be released in 30 screens in Chennai

Now Everyone’s Expectation is Endhiran The Robot. 3000 Theaters all over the world releasing Super Star Rajinikanth Upcoming Endhiran Movie, 30 + Theaters only in Chennai.

Today we have a information from Sun Pictures, They have released the Names of Theaters releasing Endhiran Movie in Chennai, which includes Satyam (3), Devi (2), Express Cinemas (3), Inox (2), Abirami (4), Sangam (2), Albert (2), Udhayam (3), Kamala (2), PVR (5), IDreams, Maharani and few others. These theaters were under Chennai Limit.

Other Circles around Chennai includes Kasi, Brindha, Thyagaraja, Devi Karumari, Mayajal, Brindavan & Rakhi. Additionally 40 other Theaters included the list above.

Most Importantly, Mayajaal Cineplex with 10 Screens have planned for 60 Shows of Endhiran everyday.

Day after tomorrow, Sept 11,2010. They have planned to Release Action Trailers on Satyam Cinemas, Ambattur Rakkhi & KK Nagar Kasi Theater. Seems Satyam Cinemas have planned for a Big Event on the day of Trailer Release.

Hit Sales in All Areas

In the mean, Endhiran film is almost at final stage of completion. It seems the film will be over in one or two days. All media rights and audio’s were selling at an high volume. All Indian film industry will be shocked to hear the volume of sales happened so far. It would have reached some crores so far.

Indian Avatar

By the Exposure, Endhiran is expected to the best part of Tamil industry. Considering the Worldwide recognition of Endhiran the movie , Audio Sales Records & few other highlights, It is called as “Indian Avatar” by a Famous TV channel. And they have estimated to hit 1600 Crores + income on a statistics they have said.

Reports added the Ultimate Hype for Endhiran, though we have to thank to Director Shankar and his unit was a big success this time, but the credit always because of a Simple & Super Star Rajinikanth. All because of him and the time he has dedicated for this Movie made Endhiran the biggest revolution in Indian Cinema Industry.

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