Enthiran – Nothing is impossible for Rajinikanth



Once again Prabhu Deva is choreographing exclusive dancing movements for Superstar Rajinikanth in Enthiran.

For Endhiran, Oscar fame A R Rahman had already composed 5 songs and all the songs will be recorded at a Mumbai studio soon.

Three out of 5 songs have heavy dance movements and Prabhu Deva, Raju Sundaram and Raghava Lawrence are the choreographers who have been assigned 3 songs.

According to Rajini, only these Three choreographers can understood his body movements and capabilities better than anybody else.

Upon the request of Rajinikanth, Prabhu Deva has been assigned the introductory song for Rajini in Endhiran.

The latest we hear is that Prabhu is in Hyderabad Ramoji Rao studio doing a very difficult song for Shankar’s Endhiran.

The grapevine goes that Rajini is playing a dual role in the film as a scientist and a Robot. The buzz is that there is a song where two Rajinikanths will come together for a brief period.

According to the sources, Prabhu Deva had designed two different dance movements for Rajinikanth in the same song. But the ace dance master and the superstar has pulled off the impossible, and it has turned out to be a stunning one!

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22 Responses to “Enthiran – Nothing is impossible for Rajinikanth”

  1. Prabhu Deva is a Good choreographer,He will do best for Rajini in the Introduction song

  2. Fabulos choreographers.Shankar knows and does the best for the movies…..Hope it turns out to be a superb hit…..All the best

  3. I doubt this movie now. we all knew the way rajini dance,this is the movie we are expecting at international standards, again keeping 5 songs etc etc will be a tough one to tollerate..Mainly tough to reach international audience..Shankar i appreciate ur dream as the same i suggest u to think internationally while spending international budget…This movie shouldnt turn to be a flop in any segment..PLease spend more time/money on graphics,emotions & story rather spending in songs….TREND IS CHANGING & U R THE TREND SETTER>>> will u tollerate terminator/troy/titanic/independace day/ jurrasic park with 5 songs..Despite the story is moving with Indian orgin/culture reduce ur efforts in songs & think more on ur typical perfection.

  4. Ya good point Mr.Sarvan, now-a-days no one like song in big budget mass movies. For eg: Kandasaamy irritated audiance with 6 songs in that 3 songs are unnecessary.

    In other case, Unnai pol oruvan and Peranmai which has 1 or 2 songs got great response from fans.

    In future 1 film should contain only 1 or 2 songs, that too if needed. That will definitely entertain the audience.

  5. However,I still have a strong faith that this movie will hit box office as shankar has the abilities to mould the actors and actress to fit for each song sequence.Foe example,that is what he did in Sivaji where it turned out to be a great hit.Rajni sir is not a good dancer.However he is the man of styles.He is able to backup his diability with his natural and super style….But maybe in future 1 movie should consist of one or two songs only to give space for the storyline unless the songs are part of the storyline.

  6. Box office wouldn’t affect Sun Group as we all knew their wealth is crossed 5 lakh crores…

    This is a good chance for Shankar to prove his ability to international/national audience like rehman.Its actually a risky task because convincing a producer for so much money is not easy, directing a movie with so much of resistance is really really a tough job, everyone should appreciate Shankar for this, but appreciating the movie will turn up only if the movie is unique & good..This time audience can’t be categorized as A, B, C, it will be categorized as South India, North India, NRI & western community.If he fails to focus on uniqueness then it could be very tough to convince all level audience. Hope Rajini’s spiritual power helps the movie from a God shake…
    Ultimately I like Shankar among the south Indian directors. All the best to him
    If enthiran has Very good presentation + very good advertisement (not like Sun TV’s irritating one) + little bit of luck (because hard work doesn’t need so much luck) will definitely bring a great Success beyond expectation…shaker let’s toil Ur skin to achieve it..NO COMPROMISE PLEASE
    Expecting the movie audio in Feb 2010 & release in April 2010

  7. definitely thalaivar film will be hit box office bcoz everyone put their atmost effort and shankar’s dream project so no chance of flop but one thing SUN TV should stop their irratative advertisement no will like their nonsense advertisement and if it is genuine presentation or trailor like thalaivar film no need of that much advt.all the best for the thalaivar film love rajini

  8. prabudeva knows rajini and he will do his job.
    i m sure it will great effort from rajni and prabu.

  9. Many didnt accepted sivaji as a great movie due to illogical scenes.Hope that willnot repeated again…

    Shankar+Rajini+ Rahman GOT ONE MORE CHANCE TO MAKE THE REAL VIBRATION…suma athurunumla..

    waiting eagerly to hear the audio release date..

  10. yes too many songs will break the pace of the movie .. But Superstar’s songs will always be better than that of some youngsters like vijay or ajith .. I know its not fair to compare a glorious sun to bulbs … THALAIVAR has the simplcity of MGR, experience of SIVAJI, age of KAMAL, zeel & enthu of VIJAY, AJITH,VIKRAM & SURYA … So he’s a fighter … My hearty wishes to ENTHIRAN … Please think about politics since dravidian parties think about themselves & their families… Love you thalaiva …ALL THE best …

  11. 🙂 Movie will definitely one step above u think

    …will try to give our team’s best.

    thnks for ur wishes..

  12. Movie ll b a masterpiece. It’s goin 2 rock te world…whether te above comment’s frm shankar?really?

  13. the movie will rock!!!!!!!

  14. Rajani Garu is a unversal star.

  15. What about the current status of the film..

    No Details found few days..

    Waiting for exciting news and pictures about Enthiran

  16. Current status is shankar has mentioned 85% of movie is over on last sunday…dont know in what sense he mentioned..looks like two more songs have to be finished & then they will start POST PRODUCTION, none knows by when this will b screened….

    lets wait wait & wait..

  17. shut up sarvan it’s a shankar’s picture . what do you know about the making of movie

  18. Robo will be a big super dupper hit in the year 2010.

  19. It is going to be a super hit movie of year Rajini is a worldwide super star and is film will be relesed all over the world .
    And about the Shankar is a great director he will do his job very well and we are wating for the film………………………..

  20. Hi kumari,,chill pls..

    why u expect me to know abt making a movie..am not here to produce a movie remember we r here to watch the movie(paying money for ticket), if the movie fail to convince it will b a flop..Even its suits James cameron’s avatar..

    I know each & every move of shankar since am a great fan of him but still i cant accept him 100% bse he too makes mistakes due to many illogical scenes…I dont want this movie to b a flop/unconvincing to any level of audience being a fan of him..There was a lot of loop holes in Sivaji which was commendable, yes we should commend so that he wont repeat again…i wish enthiran to take enough time to deliver a better product.

  21. SUPPER


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