‘Enthiran’ story case: Apex court dismisses director Shankar’s appeal

Shankar’s directorial ‘Enthiran‘ starring Rajinikanth was released in 2010, and the science fiction action drama received positive reviews. In 2010, writer Arur Tamilnadan filed a complaint claiming that the ‘Enthiran’ story belongs to him and asked for Rs 1 crore to compensate the patent infringement. Earlier, a petition was filed in the Chennai High Court on behalf of director Shankar. However, the Chennai High Court has denied that the case could not be barred and ordered a further inquiry.
Director Shankar had appealed to the Supreme Court against the Chennai High Court’s refusal to stay the trial in the ongoing case of Arur Tamilnadan, claiming that the story of ‘Enthiran’ belongs to him. The inquiry was held today, and the apex court has dismissed Director Shankar’s appeal seeking a stay on the trial over Arur Tamilnadan’s complaint.

This is not the first time a popular star’s film is facing such an issue, and Kollywood audiences have witnessed many in the past.

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