Explained: How a Kamal Haasan-Rajinikanth alliance would fare in Tamil Nadu

Ahead of the 2021 Tamil Nadu Assembly elections, Kamal Haasan has proposed the idea of an alliance with Rajinikanth’s new party. Why do some BJP leaders endorse this idea? And why do their fans oppose it?

As Tamil Nadu is headed for elections in May next year, Kamal Haasan became the first politician to start his campaign, much before the AIADMK and DMK leaderships. And, he has already sent out a message that he would be happy to join hands with Rajinikanth’s proposed outfit, if their ideologies match. But for Rajinikanth fans, it is not a great idea at all.

What did Kamal Haasan say?

Haasan said he was open to alliance talks with Rajinikanth, who is expected to launch his new party in January 2021. “Like me, Rajinikanth is also fighting for change. But he is yet to talk about the ideology of his party in detail. Let him reveal more. We are just a phone call away. If it is feasible to work together, we will definitely consider that without any ego,” Haasan said.

The power of Kamal Haasan’s party, and prospects of Rajinikanth

Haasan’s Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) is currently standing for elections alone. In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, his party secured 3.77 per cent of the votes. Haasan’s attempts to strike an alliance with DMK before the General Elections had failed. There were also reports the actor had reached out to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to enter the DMK alliance, which proved to be a difficult plan as DMK had told the Congress to share its seats from the alliance with Haasan.

Ahead of Assembly polls, Haasan is now being called the B-Team of the BJP due to his decision to, once again, contest alone. Unlike Rajinikanth, Haasan’s support base also includes the Opposition — anti-AIADMK votes — which would essentially weaken the DMK camp.

Meanwhile, it is estimated Rajinikanth’s proposed outfit will have to struggle to get a two-digit vote share for many reasons, including a much delayed party launch. Rajinikanth is yet to name his party and pick a symbol, and he is yet to begin campaigning on the ground. Further, his party leaders and district functionaries continue to be the unheard office bearers of his fans association.

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