Explained: Why Rajinikanth appears more confused than his supporters now

Rajinikanth was largely noncommittal about his party launch. In his speech, he often sounded like he would launch it only if people agree with his idea.

Hoping to launch a new political system in Tamil Nadu, similar to what DMK founder C N Annadurai did in 1960s, super star Rajinikanth who was expected to make a conventional announcement of his political party on Thursday said he will not be in the race for Chief Minister post. Categorically stating that he will not contest in elections and that he will be the head of the party while letting a different team run the government if elected to power, Rajinikanth said he cannot imagine things like “go and sit in the state assembly, delivering speeches etc”.

However, Rajinikanth did not give details about the launch of his new party. His seemingly unpopular and vague ideas about a new party and his own decision to not contest in election, which had already caused much disappointment to his fans, gives a great reprieve for the main opposition DMK, and the ruling AIADMK.

What is Rajinikanth’s plan?

The most specific point he clarified was his new party will be to revive a political culture brought in by Annadurai. Rajinikanth was referring to the period when Annadurai’s DMK captured power in 1967. Then powerful landlords and freedom fighters of the Congress party and their families ruled the state. Rajinikanth reminded that Annadurai gave an awakening to politics by giving opportunities for the youth. “He invited them, gave positions and let them emerge as leaders, he made so many leaders… Unfortunately after five decades, things are back to the old system… Children of those leaders get MP, MLA posts…”

Rajinikanth said his new party will have 65 per cent leaders below the age of 50. The remaining will be talented, selfless social servants including youngsters and much admired retired judges and IAS officers, who would be tasked to run the government.

Elaborating his plan about a party with a separate leadership for the government, he said it was the deaths of J Jayalalithaa and M Karunanidhi that inspired his decision to enter politics. “I said the system is not correct… But the change should begin from people,” indicating that his party launch also would be depending on people’s agreement with his idea of politics.

What is the expected impact on AIADMK and DMK

The ultimate beneficiary of Rajinikanth’s decision to not contest in the next Assembly polls is DMK chief M K Stalin. Rajinikanth’s unusual ideas about a party also gives a great reprieve to the ruling AIADMK, a party which fears many of its cadres and at least a half a dozen second and third level leaders will join Rajinikanth’s new party.

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