‘Kabali’ Ending Explained: Take Closer Look At Plot And Ending Of This Film

Kabali is a 2016 action drama film by director Pa. Ranjith which has Rajinikanth in the lead role. The film is produced by Kalaipuli S. Thanu and has a wonderful cast of talented actors like Radhika Apte, Winston Chao, Sai Dhanshika, Kishore, Dinesh, Kalaiyarasan, and John Vijay.

Kabali reportedly earned Rs 875 million (US$12 million) on the first day of its release and is one of the highest-grossing Indian films in the overseas market. Take a look a closer look at the plot of the movie and more on the ending of Kabali in the article. 

The plot of the movie Kabali revolves around a Malaysian don who goes by the name Kabali, played by Rajinikanth. At the start of the movie, fans see Kabali being released from jail. He was wrongly accused of an attack on a Hindu temple that also killed his wife along with many other people. Kabali then proceeds to re-join his old gang and confronts old rivals. Later in the movie, it is revealed that Kabali is the son of a Tamil don who fought for the rights of Tamil Malaysians. Veerasekaran had killed Kabali’s father as his father didn’t allow illegal activities to be run in the group. Veerasekaran (Veer) also framed Kabali for the attack on the temple. 

Soon, another don named Kumaran decides to help Kabali take his revenge and lets him know that his nemesis is in Thailand. Kabali then proceeds to go to Thailand. Veer, who realises that Kabali is out to get him, hires a contract killer, Yogi, to kill Kabali. However, in the fight, Yogi reveals that she is actually Kabali’s daughter and also mentions that her mother is still alive. 

In the ending of Kabali, fans can clearly realise that Veer is the main villain who is also involved with Tony, another villain. Kabali saves his wife and daughter and plans a shootout to kill Tony and Veer. The shootout ends successfully and Kabali kills Tony and Veer and gets reunited with his family.

The most tricky part of the ending of Kabali is the last scene, where fans see Kabali, his wife and daughter visit a ceremony when the screen blacks out and viewers hear a gunshot. The ending of Kabali is left open-ended. The movie can have these possible outcomes, depending on what the viewers want to agree with: 

  1. Kabali dies in the end. 
  2. Kabali doesn’t die and manages to kill his nemesis.
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