Raajali (Lyric Video) – 2.0 [Tamil]

Raajali is an anthem-like number that celebrates the triumph of good over evil, a typical sentiment in Rajinikanth movies. The song begins with a reference to science fiction author Issac Asimov (“Isaac Asimov peran daa” – grandson of Issac Asimov) but it is merely casual name dropping, nothing clever.

The best composition is Pullinangal, a sweet and sublime song that is an ode to birds. It is a theme song for the bird-loving villain, with the sweetness of the tune designed to draw him sympathy. Free from the mandate of having to be a theatre-shattering Rajinikanth song, the melodious Pullinangal’s arrangement and mixing is low-key with strings, a simple synthetic beat, some piano and recordings of bird sounds.

Though it is a love song that’s ultimately not for a person, the singers (AR Ameen and Suzanne D’Mello sing all three versions, accompanied by Bamba Bakya in Tamil, Kailash Kher in Hindi, and fellow composer MM Keeravani in Telugu) sing their heart out, bringing an emotional weight missing from the other two tracks.

Source: https://scroll.in/reel/855802/the-2-0-soundtrack-so-far-strictly-serviceable-nothing-exceptional

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