Rajini aide Arjunamurthy to launch new party, will contest all TN seats in Assembly polls

Arjunamurthy said that the Periyar ideology, which the Dravidian parties thrived on for the last 50 years, has worn out.

Arjunamurthy, who was appointed the chief co-ordinator of superstar Rajinikanth’s proposed political party that never took off, has said that he will launch an outfit of his own in a week’s time.

Addressing the reporters on Friday, ArjunaMurthy said out of the six crore voters in the state, more than four crore are aged below 40 years and wish for a political and social change. “There is going to be a change in 2021. Not just Tamil Nadu but the whole of the country is going to witness it. The party will travel on the path of inclusiveness. Ours will be an alternative not just to DMK and AIADMK but also to the BJP,” he said.

He said change can happen only if there is a vision far into the future and the upsurge that the people of Tamil Nadu brought about during the Jallikattu protest will be seen again.

He added that the Periyar ideology, which the Dravidian parties thrived on for the last 50 years, has worn out. “If they had continued on that (Periyar ideology) path, there wouldn’t be a need for them to carry Vel,” he said.

Formerly the head of the BJP’s intellectual wing, Arjunamurthy said people have evolved over the years and the parties should learn to catch up with them. “No one uses the old Ambassador and Fiat cars anymore. Today’s parties are like old cars, only drivers are replaced every now and then. We will be like Tesla with a new car and a new driver. Modern science is inevitable today, we have to introduce it into politics,” he added.

On Rajinikanth, Arjunamurthy said he has huge value and respect for the actor and accepts his decision not to enter politics because of health reasons. He said he won’t indulge in any activity that will hurt the feelings of Rajinikanth. “I will not use his image, name or his dialogues anywhere in this party. He is my Thalaivar (leader). If his (Rajinikanth) fans believe in my capability and understand my vision, they are welcome to join my party. This is an invite for them because Rajinikanth, himself, said that his fans can join any party as they wish,” he said.

He added that his yet-to-be-named party will apply for registration soon and will aim to contest all the 234 constituencies in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

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