Rajini discharged from the Hospital | Rajini in Hospital | Rajini is perfectly fine

Rajinikanth has been admitted to St Isabel’s Hospital in Chennai after he reported some uneasiness in the sets of Rana. The Superstar was immediately rushed to the hospital where the diagnosis revealed food poisoning.

The star was at the AVM Studios this morning where the pooja and first shot of Rana took place. He reportedly ate his lunch after which he complained of uneasiness. The doctors attending to Rajinikanth have advised him to take a few days rest. Looks like Rana shooting will be postponed until Rajini gains his health back.





Soon after the news of Rajinikanth being admitted in hospital hit the media, fans were praying for their Superstar’s well being and demanded for more news on his health. Rajinikanth’s near and dear ones were bombarded with questions about the actor’s health and finally his son-in-law Dhanush has given the good news that everyone has been waiting for. Dhanush addressed all the Rajini fans and said, “He is perfectly ok. Just dehydration. Nothing to worry at all. He will be home tonight itself!”

We can definitely take the son-in-law’s word for this and looks like the Superstar will be back on his feet in no time. With this, we hope the schedule for Rana will go without any delay. It is known that the muhurat and pooja of Rana took place today at the AVM Studios and the shooting was off to a flying start with director K.Balachandar filming the first shot.



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