Rajinikanth adds twist to poll season

CHENNAI: With the Assembly elections just a few months away, actor Rajinikanth confirming his political entry is likely to force all the major parties to redraw their strategies. While the ruling AIADMK has welcomed Rajinikanth, the principal opposition party DMK declined to comment saying, “Let him actually launch the party and reveal his policies.

Then we will comment.” However, political commentator and editor of Thuglak magazine, S Gurumurthy is of the view that Rajinikanth’s political entry would have a significant impact in the State. A survey done before Rajinikanth announced his political entry estimated that he has got around 14 percent votes.  So, if he can garner the anti-DMK and anti-AIADMK votes, he will emerge as a major factor,” Gurumurthy told Express.

Questioned on what would be the position of the BJP after the political entry of Rajinikanth, Gurumurthy said, “If Rajinikanth emerges as a factor – I mean if Rajinikanth and BJP get together, BJP will be the loser because philosophically, Rajinikanth’s line is BJP line.   On all national issues, Rajinikanth took BJP’s stand.” On the possibility of Rajinikanth joining hands with the BJP, Gurumurthy said, “It depends upon the groundshift that takes place.

Whether he is going to declare this or not, the DMK will be his political enemy. So, naturally, there will be a rallying around him from other political parties.  That will be a change in Tamil Nadu politics.” Political analyst Tharasu Shyam is of the view that there would be a sea-change in Tamil Nadu political scenario due to Rajinikanth’s political entry.  

“Now, all major political parties in the State will have to redraw their political strategies for the 2021 Assembly elections.  On the political highway, Rajinikanth has opened a new shop. So, existing shopkeepers have to retain their customers. So, eventually, they have to make new offers. In the electoral arithmetics, Rajinikanth’s entry has given a new-found joy to the alliance parties.” AIADMK coordinator and Deputy Chief Minister O Panneerselvam said, “We welcome actor Rajinikanth’s entry into politics.” Asked whether the AIADMK would align with Rajinikanth’s party, Panneerselvam said, “In the coming days, anything can happen in politics.  

If there are chances, we may align with his party.” Questioning whether Rajinikanth’s political entry would make an impact on the AIADMK, Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar said, ‘The AIADMK vote bank comprising that of MG Ramachandran and J Jayalalithaa, will not waver at any situation. 

DMK spokesperson V Kannadasan said,“The DMK has faced MG Ramachandran forming his own political party.  Let many more parties come. The DMK will face them.  It has become quite routine that just ahead of Assembly elections, there come political parties with hidden agendas.”

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