Rajinikanth can end Dravidian politics in Tamil Nadu, says BJP leader S Ve Shekar

According to Shekar those opposing Rajnikanth’s entry into ‘Tamil Nadu politics will bow down to him ones he takes the plunge.

Rajinikanth, the superstar of South Indian films, can be a gamechanger in Tamil Nadu politics, believes actor-turned-Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader S Ve Shekar. According to Shekar those opposing Rajnikanth’s entry into ‘Tamil Nadu politics will bow down to him ones he takes the plunge.

“In the coming days Tamil Nadu will see a complete end of Dravidian politics and only Rajinikanth has the power to do so,” asserted Shekar, who is one of the leaders in the race for Tamil Nadu BJP chief. He claimed that with the death of MK Karunanidhi, Dravida Munnetra Khazgham (DMK) does not much relevance as it lacks political ideology and has no strong leader. So the time is ripe for Rajinikanth to give a direction to the state along with winning the confidence of Tamilians, stated Shekar.

Praising Rajinikanth, the BJP leader further said, “Rajinikanth has the power to form a people-friendly government by defeating the Dravidian parties. Rajinikanth is not only a film actor but also a good social worker.” He added that those questioning Rajinikanth’s entry into politics were in fact jittery about the film legend’s popularity and stance on various issues.

Shekar also supported Rajinikanth for stating that during a rally by Erode Venkatappa Ramasamy popularly known as Periyar in 1971 nude pictures of Lord Ram and Sita were garlanded with slippers and paraded. “What Rajinikanth said is not wrong.  He mentioned a true incident which media and common people avoid talking about.”

Speaking on Tamil-origin migrants from Sri Lanka, Shekar asserted that they cannot be granted dual citizenship in India. He added, “I would like to appeal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that proper arrangements should be made for these people and they should be shifted out of detention centers.” 

Shekar also spoke about the anti-Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) protests in Tamil Nadu claiming, “The protests are sponsored by DMK and I am ready to give it in writing. People are creating fear and confusion about CAA. Some people are misleading the Muslim community about the law.” He pointed out that such protests mobilise and unite Hindus which will ultimately help the BJP emerge as a strong political outfit in Tamil Nadu. “In the coming days, BJP will rule in the state. Congress has reached its lowest level. If anyone can give Tamil Nadu good leaders and development, then it is the BJP.”

Rajinikanth, too, has explicitly voiced his support for CAA and National Population Register (NPR). He had in January 2020 stated that CCA is not against Muslim citizens of India and alleged that some political, as well as religious groups, were spreading misinformation about the law. He also promised to launch a massive agitation if Indian Muslims faced any problem due to CAA.

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