Rajinikanth may debut with Makkal Sevai Katchi for 2021 Tamil Nadu election

Just like his movie releases, superstar Rajinikanth’s political entry too has been much awaited and speculated about. With Rajinikanth saying that his political party’s details will be announced on December 31, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement.

Rajinikanth and his party are likely to use a lesser-known party to contest the 2021 Tamil Nadu election.

Makkal Sevai Katchi, whose election symbol is auto-rickshaw, has many connections to Rajinikanth’s Rajini Makkal Mandram. Rajinikanth had starred as an auto-rickshaw driver in Basha.

Makkal Sevai Katchi’s address and that of Prince Thermal Private Limited are the same and party president SP James is a business partner with AJ Stalin. Stalin is the Tuticorin Rajini Makkal Mandram secretary.

Earlier, there was speculation that Makkal Sevai Katchi is being registered for Rajinikanth’s political launch.

Makkal Sevai Katchi was registered as Annaithindhia Makkal Sakthi Kazhagam in February 2019 and later renamed.

Makkal Sevai Katchi’s Dr V Antony Joe Raja (general secretary) is also connected with AJ Stalin. Dr V Antony and Stalin are part of the management of an educational institution. While Stalin is the managing trustee, Dr V Antony is the secretary of the same educational institution.

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