Rajinikanth Sends Audio Message to Fan for Quick Recovery from COVID

Top star Rajinikanth on Thursday wished a fan, who is being treated for COVID-19 and another ailment, a speedy recovery. In an audio message to his fan, the ‘superstar’ said: “Murali. I am Rajinikanth speaking. Nothing will happen to you. Be bold. I am praying to God. You will recover soon and come back home. After you get well, please visit me with your family. Be courageous. I will pray for you. Live long!”

The actor’s message follows a post on a social media platform by the fan in which he expressed apprehensions about his recovery and a probability of not being able to work for the actor in the event of him launching a political party. He also urged him to lead Tamil Nadu by winning the2021 Assembly elections.

After listening to the actor’s message, Muralithanked Rajinikanth for his prayers and blessings. In a twitter post, he also claimed a recent test showed him as ‘negative’ for coronavirus.

The fan also expressed confidence that he would be able to get back to his normal health with recovery from kidney ailment as well.

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