Rajnikanth's Endhiran in Goa

One of the most awaited films of 2010, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Southern superstar Rajnikant’s Endhiran were recently in Goa.


Set on a budget of 165 crores, Rajnikanth plays a robot in the film while Aishwarya will be seen as his wife.


In Endhiran Rajnikanth will be seen in a double role – as the scientist Vaseegaran who develops the robot and also as the robot who then falls in love with Ash. The film is expected to release by end of 2009 or 2010.


The film is directed by Shankar and was initially set to star Shah Rukh Khan.

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8 Responses to “Rajnikanth's Endhiran in Goa”

  1. SHANKAR is A class especially FOR indian,mudhalvan,anniyan,shivaji,jeans and kadhalan
    SUPER STAR is always MASS especially netrikkan,tharmathin thalaivan,rajathi raja,annamalai,mannan,ejaman,thalapathy,basha,muthu and padaiyappa
    especially FOR iruvar,kandukonden kandukonden and hum duldeka chuke sanam
    sun pictures touches shine of gold especially for indra logam aalum “Enthiran”

  2. hi i am rajini fans . i am in andhrapradesh. i like rajini from childhood . now i am waiting for rajini new film robo. these film should brake the record in film industry . this film should be the first to break the world record . i will be very happy if this happen .

  3. hai my rajini fans rajini sir very nice man very januvel very soml man my ganapathi . s

  4. Rajinikant is very genius actor in india.talaiva vazgai.
    enthiran succses is confirmed (250 days).

  5. Robo the movie is the expected to all and identify historical victory

  6. Hi…I’m a big Rajini fan. One of the comments above reads the movie should break all the Tamil film records. I sincerely hope that the movie should give a true mind satisfaction to each and every individual who are watching it. Believe me all the numbers and figures that you see pertaining to a success of a movie are absurd. You pay for the ticket, you watch it and u enjoy it..that’s it and maybe a couple of a few more rounds….don’t trust all the media report!!!

  7. Hi…… Rajni sir we like you so much of your all the activities & your character.i hope enthiran film is best movie in the tamil cinema after Ayirathil oruvan 2010.we waiting of releasing enthiran. Shankar sir, you are a brilliant i guest it from anniyan & Sivaji. my prayers to enthiran team for the all the success. im waiting from wellawatta (Sri lanka)

  8. This is a wonderful article. Pobbilbly I will try to understand the full meaning in it.

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