Seeman regrets comments against Rajinikanth

Chennai: “As an actor, I am a huge fan of Rajinikanth, but when it comes to politics I might have used some harsh statements and words against him. If Rajinikanth or his family members or his fans feel that my statements have hurt them, I regret for the statements,” said Seeman, while addressing reporters in Chennai.

Rajinikanth’s fans on social media criticised Seeman for being harsh towards Rajinikanth and blamed him as one of the reasons for Rajinikanth saying no to politics. When asked about the criticisms of fans of Rajini, Seeman replied that as far as he knew, Rajinikanth took the decision based on the advice of his daughters and if he had chosen to quit only because of him it will be a great honour for him.

When asked about the constituency he is planning to contest, Seeman replied, “As already stated, I will contest against DMK president MK Stalin.”

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