Tamil Nadu: Fans put up posters in Madurai urging Rajinikanth to take political plunge

Amid the growing clamour around Rajinikanth to take the political plunge, new posters have emerged in Tamil Nadu’s Madurai urging the superstar to enter politics.

“I am not MGR. But I can give governance like MGR. Change in politics, change in government. Now or never,” the posters read.

These posters have been put up by Rajini fans who have been urging the superstar to enter politics.

In March this year, Rajinikanth had said that he would like to be only heading a party but would never want to be the chief minister. He said if he wanted to be the CM, he could have done it when he was 45 years in age. The star had added that he didn’t have the ambition to be the CM, adding that all he wants to do is give a good government, governance and develop a corruption-free society.

Multiple posters have erected in different districts of Tamil Nadu over the last couple of days by Rajinikanth’s fans who have been mounting pressure on the superstar to start his political plunge.

Earlier, posters that read “Now or Never” and “The right leader will have the entire country behind him” had been erected by Rajini fans. Members of Rajini Makkal Mandram, a forum founded by the actor to facilitate his political entry, have also been talking about their desire of seeing the superstar taking the political plunge. The demand is becoming stronger as the state assembly elections are nearing.

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