7 reasons for Rajinikanth’s Kochadaiiyaan to flop!

  1. The long and much-awaited trailer of Rajinikanth starrer Kochadaiiyaan released a few days ago, on March 9. While the teaser, which released a few months ago, had fans furious because of its quality, the trailer seems to have to some extent made them happier. The official Tamil trailer of Kochadaiiyaan has garnered more than 1 million views in two days’ time, showing the enormous love Rajinikanth and his team have earned over the years. Here’s why we think the film could be a total flop, or manage to become a hit.
  2. Fans would certainly love to see their superstar as an animated character. However, the 3D format might just backfire, since the 3D models of the characters of almost all the stars, be it Rajinikanth, Nasser, Deepika Padukone or Sarathkumar, don’t resemble them as much as they should. Looks like the makers didn’t focus on the most basic part of an animation film, which is making the 3D models of the characters perfect.
  3. Another thing that attracted fans was the massive war scenes that were shown. The background music and the huge army fighting it out seem to have had the fans in awe… but those are just during the wide shots. The close-up shots reveal that the whole army is made of just a few characters and duplicated. The background characters – who are at the left and right side of the main character – are actually the same people, in most shots. Fans state that the makers should have made efforts to make these characters look different, considering the time taken for the film to be completed.
  4. If all this could be OK, how will fans who worship the superstar be cool with their star not being properly shown as an animated character? Though audiences might just be engrossed listening to Rajinikanth’s voice, they’d certainly notice the actor’s muscles in his joints bends like a rubber. The Motion Capture technology, which makers have used for the film, would have done wonders only if character were well modelled and rigged (bones of the 3D character).
  5. “We wanted to do something unique and decided to do this with the use of Motion Capture technology which was never attempted in its full bandwidth in India before,” director Soundarya has been stating. Motion Capture is used mainly to capture difficult movements of the character that cannot be easily re-created in animation or for subtle expressions of the character. But these expressions can only be captured, but not recreated, on the 3D model if there aren’t details on the character. Extensive details of each facial muscle should be created on the 3D model for the technology to be used to its full capacity. According to experts, all characters in the film seem to fall short in detailing, giving them a flat look.
  6. Squash and stretch is by far the most important rule of animation techniques, be it any form of animation. The rule applies to all characters, objects and even the costume of the characters. The trailer gives an impression that this rule hasn’t been followed completely, as Rajinikanth’s blue bottom’s wrinkles don’t change at all when he jumps up and lands on his knees. Though these minute details might not be visible to the average fan, aren’t such details important, considering the film is being released in almost twelve languages across the world?
  7. Forget the technical side of the film. A normal human being blinks 20 to 30 times per minute. While delivering his punch dialogues, Rajinikanth doesn’t blink an eyelid! Some argue that this argument is a bit harsh as the scene shown in the trailer lasts for just about 4 seconds. Well, we just hope Rajini’s blink is proper in the film.
  8. Something else that caught out eye was the 5-headed hydra tattoo on Rajinikanth’s back. One of the roles that the superstar plays in the film is that of a mighty king, called Kochadaiiyaan. However, the tattoo on his back looks like the drawing of a small kid, according to some. We wonder if kingdoms those days had good tattoo artists…
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