Amid speculation over Rajinikanth’s low-profile debut, Rajini Makkal Mandram clarifies

Chennai: With superstar Rajinikanth set to change political dynamics in poll-bound Tamil Nadu, speculation is rife that he may debut via a modest and unrecognised party – Makkal Sevai Katchi. It is also learnt that his signature ‘two-finger’ pose that was made popular in a 2002 film Baba and ‘autorickshaw’, which is synonymous with his 1995 blockbuster Baashha, are top preferences for his party’s election symbol in the forthcoming Assembly polls.

According to a report in The Times of India, Makkal Sevai Katchi, which was originally registered as Anaithindhia Makkal Shakthi Kazhagham, could be the launch vehicle for the superstar’s much-awaited political entry.

According to the report, the party is likely to get ‘autorickshaw’ as its election symbol. Interestingly, the party aims to field candidates from all the 234 seats in the state, a revelation that could set political circles speculating over the actor’s possible alliances in the Tamil Nadu polls next year.

However, Rajini Makkal Mandram has issued a statement and asked fans to wait for an official announcement.

It said: “Name of a political party and a symbol registered with EC is being attributed to Rajinikanth and RMM by media organisations. RMM urges fans and supporters to wait for official information from the top leadership.”

As reported earlier by Times Now, the south Indian superstar announced on December 8 that he will be launching a political party in January. 

“In the upcoming assembly elections, we will definitely win the assembly elections and give an honest, transparent, corruption free and spiritual politics without any difference to any religion or caste,” he had said while making the announcement. A further announcement regarding the decision is expected on December 31.

Rajinikanth’s much-awaited political debut is expected to change the political equations in Tamil Nadu and may redefine the existing alliances between the major players in the state which include DMK, AIADMK, BJP and others. While the DMK has already made attempts to downplay the actor’s political ambitions, the scheduled exit of late CM Jayalalithaa’s aide Sasikala is expected to further twist the political battlefield in the state. 

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