Are Rajini Makkal Mandram cadre worried?

CHENNAI: Functionaries of Rajini Makkal Mandram are a worried lot. The media has been reporting that the leadership is planning to take action against its functionaries for having links with other political parties. While this has caused anxiety among district secretaries of RMM, what is more stressful for them is the lack of proper communication between the top leadership and the functionaries. 

The actor had recently said that he would launch a political party in January and it is expected that his rechristened fan club will be converted into the party. In this backdrop, the news over the removal of functionaries just a few months ahead of the elections has surprised many in RMM. 

“The worst part is that there is no one in particular we can ask for a proper clarification. If we ask senior functionaries in Raghavendra Kalyana Mandapam (which is temporarily functioning as RMM office), they just say all decisions will be disclosed only by Thalaivar (Rajinikanth),” a district secretary of RMM said.

A few others like him feel there is a disconnect since there is no proper communication channel between them and their leader. “We just have to wait for the next tweet or statement from our leader. It is not fair to leave the ground-level leaders clueless on every internal issue. Soon, proper functionaries must be appointed for us to clarify doubts and get authentic information,” an RMM functionary said.

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