Endhiran Full Story Line

Endhiran Full Story Line


Rajni the Scientist invents Chitti the Robot and announces it. (Puthiya manitha song)

Some Comedy episodes with Santhanam, Karunas, Chitti, Scientist (Chitti Dance Showcase or Boom Boom Robo da)

Some Romantic episodes between Scientist and Ash (Kadhal anukkal song)

Villain Danny Denzongpa introduced somewhere in-between with reasoning why he is a bad guy

Chitti starts to develop feelings for Ash (Irumbilay song)

Scientist upset that Chitti is violating Robot laws and developing emotions – Orders it to leave Ash alone.

Chitti really in love and very upset – Vows to get Ash



Endhiran Full Story Line


Villain swoops in at the opportunity and promises Chitti he will join her with Ash and takes advantage of Chitti – Makeover and new getup for “Bad Chitti”.

Some cat and mouse episodes between Scientist, Bad Chitti, Villain Danny.

Bad Chitti continues to try and woo Ash (Arima Song)

Somewhere here Boom Boom or Chitti Dan Showcase has to come.

Scientist plots how to win back Chitti … Ash sympathizes and assures everything will be fine (Kilimanjaro Song)

All ends well.

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