Endhiran Started !!! Storming the theatres now

Finally, we are just few hours away from the release of India’s biggest budget film Endhiran – The Robot. After waiting for three years, fans are excited to watch superstar Rajinikanth on-screen.

According to reports, Tamil version will be releasing in 1450 theatres with 1000 plus prints. movie tickets in Tamil Nadu has been sold for a week. It includes PVR, Sathyam Cinemas, Inox etc. In Chennai alone the movie is releasing in over 30 theatres.

Endhiran Started !!! Storming the theatres now

Endhiran Started !!! Storming the theatres now

In Andhra Pradesh, Thota Kannarao has the rights for Telugu version of the film Robo. In some regions the movie will be released in both Tamil and Telugu version. In Hyderabad and many big cities, tickets for three days have been sold out.

In Karnataka, it is a different case, as the distributor and the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) is yet to settle the dispute regarding prints. It has allowed to screen the film in 35 theatres from three versions. According to the rules of the KFCC, a non-Kannada movie can be screened in only 24 theatres. But the distributors are demanding 60 theatres.

The Hindi version of Endhiran has also grabbed attention among North Indian fans. Sources say that the movie has generated huge-hype in Mumbai.

In US and Europe, ticket booking started 10 days ago and were sold out in few hours. The movie is also releasing in Colosseum Kino, the largest cinema hall in Oslo (Norway).

The three versions of the film is releasing in over 3000 screens (2250 prints) worldwide on Friday, October 1 ( today ).

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