Every time Dhanush spoke about being compared to Rajinikanth

Ever since Dhanush married Aishwarya Rajinikanth in 2005, the VIP actor faced many media questions that compared him with Rajinikanth. Dhanush had even used Rajinikanth’s old film names Polladhavan (2007) and Mappillai (2011) for his new films.

The phenomenal growth of Rajinikanth, like a star, across various states also attributed to media comparing Dhanush with his father-in-law. While we have seen actors responding to comparisons with rivals, Dhanush, on multiple occasions, broke his silence and responded to comparisons with Rajinikanth.  

We have compiled the organic and genuine response, of Dhanush, on questions that probed his professional advantages and challenges as a son-in-law of Rajinikanth. 

At one instance, Dhanush was asked if being the son-in-law to Rajinikanth had helped him on the professional front. According to an India Today report, Dhanush said his personal relationship with Rajinikanth had not brought him anything. “I have always done my own work. It (his name) neither helped me nor affected me,” Dhanush was quoted as saying by the report. 

During one such promotion, the question of Rajinikanth’s influence over his body language in Vellai Illa Pattahari (2014) came up. Dhanush said, “I grew up watching his films and therefore there might be his influence on me, but I don’t like to be compared with him,” as quoted by NDTV

In Vellai Illa Pattadhari, Dhanush’s low-angle shots created a buzz among fans for being the inspiration from Rajinikanth’s style. However, when Dhanush confessed the same, the talks lost their impact. 

Earlier, during the release of Mapillai (Groom), Dhanush addressed the fans at the film’s audio launch. The film was directed by Suraj with music by Mani Sarma. The film marked the Tamil debut of actress Hansika Motwani and brought actress Manisha Koirala to the silver screen after a long gap. 

For those unaware, Mapillai (1989) starred Rajinikanth in the lead role. During the audio launch, Dhanush quoted the comparison of Rajinikanth with himself.  Also, he said, ‘People are asking why I keep using his (Rajini’s) old titles. Especially, Mapillai (Groom). If not me, then who is his groom’, said Dhanush in the audio launch of the film aired by Sun Network.  

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