Exclusive Endhiran Review by a Rajini Fan

Exclusive Endhiran Review by a Rajini Fan

Just go with an open mind just to enjoy the combination of Shankar, Rahman, Rajnikant and aishwarya rai. Rajni defies all odds in this movie and people screaming and whistling for him from the opening song. Of course there is no bang opening like the usual rajni movies, but its rajni, rajni, rajni all the way! Watch out, I don’t want to spoil the fun!

I was amazed at the way certain pockets of the story were handled and the second half is too good. Rajni as robot has some negative shades, and it’s a cake walk for him. I could see glimpses of his characters of classics like Nettrikan, Moondru Mugam (Alex pandiyan) and Nenaithale innikum, all rolled up into one! Endhiran does steal your heart, especially in the emotional last frame!

Exclusive Endhiran Review by Rajini Fans

Exclusive Endhiran Review by Rajini Fans

His makeup and hair style do make him look quite younger and Aishwarya looks stunning in her costumes of Manish Malhotra. She completely steals the frames in all the songs.. The songs are shot in some picturesque beaches and the song “Kilimanjaro” shot in Machu Pichu is amazing! Special effects, in the second half are creative and shankar’s brilliance flashes.

Some points I would like to mention about the movie are:

1. This is a complete masala movie with comedy, song, dance, romance, fight, sentiment.
2. The story’s base is Science Fiction – but it is a science fiction masala.
3. That means, do not expect a complete Sci-Fi genre movie like Terminator. But expect a movie like Avatar. (Indian version of Avatar).
4. It has all the ingredients to make it attractive to children, youngsters, family members, ladies and Rajini’s mass audience.
5. The last 45 – 50 minutes will be a celebration for Rajini fans.
6. The animations are never before seen in Indian cinema and takes Indian cinema to next level in terms of visual effects and animations – but it will not be comparable with hollywood animation flicks. So lower your expectations.
7. The stunt sequences are again, the best in Indian cinema.
8. He was sure that the movie will be liked by Hindi audience too.
9. He was absolutely sure that Rajini’s performance as the villain will win him a National Award.
10. He was also sure that A.R. Rahman will win next year’s National Award for BGM.
11. He said that the climax Symphony based BGM by Rahman is worth even Grammy awards.
12. The one point that the Hindi audience may not like is comedy that is specific to south India. He said, they may cut there scenes in Hindi.
13. The International audience who like song and dance will enjoy the movie. But, the film will not impress international audience in general as this will be a typical Indian masala movie.
14. The movie will definitely break all records for sure.

My Rating 4.7/5
Verdict: I would strongly recommend you to watch the movie for its thrilling Experience!!

-Rajini Fan

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2 Responses to “Exclusive Endhiran Review by a Rajini Fan”

  1. This is the very first time for me to write a review for a film. Indeed, I watched the movie the very first day. To be honest, I am not a hardcore ‘rajinikanth’ fan. I am not a movie critic but I love and admire all kinds of movies straight from action, romance, thriller,esp. visual effects and story telling.
    But what I felt when I first heard about the project of ‘Enthiran’.. it was a back up for Shanker. Coz’ He did a good job with Rajinikanth in ‘Sivaji’ but his strong name faded among the gimicks of Rajinikanth.
    As far as Kollywood is concerned, Rajinikanth’s movie is just to celebrate for his fans. Shanker knew it and to reclaim his name he did ‘Enthiran’ with the same actor.
    Well, he successed to an extent.. a high budget movie in Indian film History,till date. Visual effects and animatronics are well crafted but where I see often the flaw is visual effects are used in unwanted sequences e.g. the mosquito scene. The visual effects scenes in the climax are excellent. Moreover, like someone said, the story is cool but the major casting could have been handled by someone other than Rajinikanth. Im not criticsising the actor.. but the role is too much for him. It is sci-fi movie with lots of entertaiment. Shanker wanted to balance both fans of Rajinikanth and his reputation. He earned it quite here but I don’t know how the peoples who came across strong story based visual effects will welcome this movie. I heard Rajinikanth is planning to work on good story, acting like what we once saw him in ‘aarilirunthu arupathu varai’, ‘engaiyo keatta kural’,’Johnny’..without any larger than life hero characters. I welcome him to do so. He is one of the great talented artists.
    As for director Shanker, he should go on with success without any compromises.. coz’ now people here have a good taste for good movies.
    Many movies made for mass success like suraa flopped like anything.Great directors should not compromise films for a few thousand fans.
    Well, atlast ‘Enthiran’ is a boom for the Indian..esp. south Indian fans but we have a long way to go.
    Last but not the least, I saw few unwanted ruthless commenting eachother on such a small review. Here, guys, we are brothers.. not just south or north indians.. or Indians.. We belong to one catergory, Humans. Please try to respect and value eachother.
    Have a good day, fellas..!!

  2. Enthiran aka Robot aka Robo

    Should be seen as a movie that changes everything from Indian movie perspective.

    There is both negative and positive filled in the movie but overall if you see it , your jaw drops at the end of it and you are thinking which movie are you seeing….for a tamil movie industry to use this many special effects where I am not talking about the last 30 or so minutes what people forget it is the interaction between the 2 characters Dr.Vasi(Rajni) and his creation Chitti(Rajni) looks effortless.

    Movie :
    The story is a simple triangle tale of Man vs His girl vs Robot. That is it and what happens due to Robot having emotions.

    1. Good premise to showcase everything possible and still make people engaged in the proceeding.
    2. Liked they did not show dare defying introduction scene where Rajni,flies from the air, breaks coconut,etc,etc.
    3. Story gets straight to the point and takes off from there.
    4. Enjoyed all the naughty things the robot character chitti does, Rajni fans will not be dissappointed what the
    scientist cannot do, robot can do.
    5. There is a thin line of emotion still attached to the movie that as the story unfold people would support the robot.

    1. One dimensional story and characters.
    2. The mentor is smoking in the lab is more than being ridiculous but can’t complain when James Cameron can keep the same thing in his Avatar which had same idiotic scenes
    3. Length of the second half should have been kept crisp lot of unwanted scenes.
    4. For me the background music did not fit well, it was the biggest let down. I thought A.R.Rahman would nail it but he nailed it to the coffin.


    Shankar with the given Indian high budget ( International minimum budget ) has dared to dream and the producer have taken a very calculated risk in this project has
    to be applauded and same goes to Rajni at this age, wanting to experiment with his image and comes out real winner (YOU HAVE TO SEE BOTH RAJNIS interactions simply superb).


    DOT ……

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