Kabali: Rajinikanth fans witnessed an alternate ending in Malaysian cinemas?

On Friday, Rajinikanth���s long awaited film ���Kabali��� finally hit the screens all across the world. Also, there was a special premiere show in Malaysia and it has come to light that the Malaysian version is slightly different than the Indian one. Surprised, aren���t you?

���Kabali��� ends with the screen fading to black after a gunshot sound, leaving the ending to the viewer���s imagination. The Malaysian version, however, ends with a line, ���Finally ���Kabali��� surrendered to the police.��� So, in a way, the Malaysian version had a more concrete ending, whereas in the Indian version, the people are left wondering if ���Kabali��� was shot dead or not.

Whether this alternate ending was deliberate or due to Malaysian laws remains a mystery. For those not in the know, the Censor Board of Malaysia cannot allow to show their police encourage killing in films.

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