Rajini’s car blown up


The team was spotted near Rajalakshmi College in Maduravayal in Chennai shooting an important fight sequence. The fight has been choreographed by the famous stunt director Peter Hein. Art director Sabu Cyril has taken care of the sets for the film.

Two imported Benz cars were brought to the spot for this particular scene. While one was a real car driven by Rajinikanth in the film, the other was a dummy which was brought in to be blown up in a shoot out. This scene had been shooted to perfection by the film’s director Shankar on November 11th, 2009.

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7 Responses to “Rajini’s car blown up”

  1. i heard that both the Benz cars was brand new car.. the dummy car also a newly purchased car, with in a week after purchase, the car used for blast…

    (ada pavigala,puthu Benz cars aa posikitingale)

  2. Ya what u heard is right Mr.Xmachi that happened in few months before but this happened in November 11th, 2009 this month.

  3. great movies need great props……

  4. i m glad to read this becoz drive car our எந்திரன்

  5. i love u and i like u

  6. Rajini will do the car stunts with the help of doups, but Ajith will do this by himself. Eg: Billa and Asal(Upcoming Film).

    So Ultimatestar is better than Superstar in this case.

  7. that this is the best review ever about Rajni that I have ever come arocss. Want to thank you for the kind words. I am asking more and more people who are not really into Rajni to read your article.Please keep up the good work..!Regards,Raghu

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