Rajini will be a great CM: Radha Ravi

Veteran actor and president of the Dubbing Union, Radha Ravi, is known for controversial speeches that create a buzz, be it at promo of films or at political events. His recent remarks at an event to celebrate Karate Thiagarajan’s birthday have once again become a hot topic of discussion on social media platforms.

Radha Ravi, who has acted as Rajinikanth’s co-star in several movies, said, “I am ready to support Rajini and be behind him if he contests in elections
and becomes the chief minister of Tamil Nadu and leads the state. He has been talking about entering politics for a long time. After all, he is a BJP person and they have alliance with AIADMK.”

Reasoning out why the Superstar would be a sure shot winner he said, “One should have power, money, humility and dynamism to withstand opposition to be victorious. Rajini has all the above-mentioned qualities. So, obviously he would be victorious. If a strong force joins hands, the weak force will have to give up.” Ravi went on to add, “Rajini will not speak just like that and enter politics.  He will think and take decisions and this time around he will make a proper decision.”  

All this did not go down well with Jayakumar, senior AIADMK leader and state minister for fisheries who said, ‘People will decide about who would become their Chief Minister. I don’t need to reply to persons like Radha Ravi’.

One may recall that Radha Ravi had played a different tune a couple of years about Rajinikanth’s foray into politics. At a filmy event, Radha Ravi had said, ‘There has been already a surplus of political parties in Tamil Nadu, and that some new parties haven’t been able to establish their identity well enough. Actors starting new political parties would only add to the confusion’. He had also said at the time when Rajini hinted at entering politics, ‘Let him say concretely. Then we will see.’ He has changed his mind now, it seems.

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