Rajinikanth distressed he can’t serve Tamil Nadu the way he thought: Arjuna Murthy

Rajinikanth, after much dithering, Tuesday announced he would not take the political plunge, citing his ill health.   

Arjuna Murthy, the chief coordinator of Rajinikanth’s proposed political party, has claimed the superstar is “in distress” as he wasn’t able to accomplish his dream of working for Tamil Nadu’s welfare the way he had thought.

Rajinikanth, after much dithering, Tuesday announced he would not take the political plunge, citing his ill health.

Addressing reporters in Chennai, Murthy said people should respect Rajinikanth’s decision and support him in this situation. “All of you know that Rajinikanth wanted to serve the people of Tamil Nadu without any expectation. He had grand plans; worked hard for it, he is in severe distress because he wasn’t able to execute his plans due to his ill health. We should all help and support him in his decision to listen to the doctor’s advice. We should see this situation for him like we would view our family members’,” he said.

Murthy, who has served as the head of Tamil Nadu BJP’s Intellectual wing, said PM Narendra Modi and Rajinikanth “are like his two eyes, as both want to work for the people of Tamil Nadu”.

On BJP’s announcement that Arjuna Murthy was welcome back into their party, he said everyone knows he shares a good rapport with the BJP and has done a lot of welfare activities when he was in the saffron party. However, he said, he still wants to continue with Rajinikanth.

“I will continue to be with Rajinikanth. My wish is to travel with him, he is a great leader. If someone in our family gets sick, will we leave them and go? We will stay with them and that’s the right thing to do. He (Rajinikanth) had said he will continue to do public work, so what’s wrong in supporting him in that?” Murthy said.

Commenting on Rajinikanth’s health condition, Murthy said the actor is doing fine and following the doctor’s advice.

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