Rajinikanth not to vote in Nadigar Sangam polls as postal ballot reaches late

As drama surrounding the Nadigar Sangam elections came to an end after the Madras High Court gave its go-ahead for conducting the polls on Sunday, actor Rajinikanth has said that he will not be able to cast his vote.

In a tweet on Saturday evening, Rajinikanth said that he was in Mumbai for a shoot and despite his efforts to receive the postal vote earlier, he received it only at 6.45 pm on Saturday. “I regret that I was unable to cast my vote because of this delay. It is strange and unfortunate. This should not have happened…,” he tweeted.

Following this, actor S VE Shekher took to Twitter to announce his decision to boycott the elections. Accusing the Nadigar Sangam of having a disorganised election process and arrangements, the veteran actor alleged that the condition of hundreds of outstation drama artistes is similar to Rajinikanth’s, as they will be unable to cast their votes. “As a protest for this kind of disorganized election process and arrangements, I am boycotting this nadigar sangam election,” he said.

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