Rajinikanth Shares Update On ‘Annaatthe’ Amid Massive Political Entry Announcement

Rajinikanth’s fans might be wondering about the status of his film Annaatthe after political venture announcement. The actor shared an update on it with press.

A question in the minds of Rajinikanth’s fans as he made the big announcement about his impending political venture could be about the status of his film Annaatthe. As he announced that his political party will be formally launched in January, it might be hard for him to take out time, due to the due elections around April-May 2021, for shooting his film, that had been announced earlier this year. The superstar clarified he would be completing the film before the polls.

Rajinikanth on his movie Annaatthe

Rajinikanth was speaking to reporters about his political venture, after his tweet became a huge talking point. When asked about film Annaatthe, the Petta star responded, “The film’s producer Kalanithi Maran asked me to take care of my health and requested not to worry about the progress of the film. But it’s my duty is to complete the film before elections”.

He also stated that about 40 per cent shooting of the film has been completed.

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