Rajinikanth’s Political Entry Likely To Be Delayed Ahead Of TN Polls: Statement Out

Even as fans and followers of Thalaivar Rajinikanth eagerly await the superstar’s ‘official’ plunge into politics, a ‘leaked’ statement from the superstar states, most likely Thalaivar will not be testing political waters before elections 2021. 

A statement that was leaked yesterday allegedly said to be of Superstar Rajinikanth states that the actor’s entry into politics will be delayed further due to the pandemic crisis in the state. Citing the superstar’s health to be the main reason, and the health of the fans and supporters and that the idea of conducting ground-work campaigning would pose risk to the 70-year old actor as well as his fans, the statement also said, if the covid pandemic does improve for the better, most likely the actor will decide on the plan of action for the party December onwards.

After a Tamil website published the leaked copy of the statement, (what is believed to be the draft copy), copies of the same text is said to have been circulated amongst the actor’s close circle causing a buzz that he will not make his entry ahead of the 2021 assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. 

On Tuesday afternoon, Twitter was buzzing with the hashtag #Rajinikanth after a few of the Rajini fan clubs put out tweets saying a big announcement was expected from the superstar. A buzz that was created died down towards evening when fans started saying ‘Thalaivar eppo varanum nu mudivu panraro, appo anda nerathukku correct ah varuvaru! (Meaning : When Thailavar decides in the right time, he will take the step!)

According to sources who spoke to Republic TV, this draft copy was expected to be announced on Tuesday but was later called off due to some internal discussions and it is expected to be released with few modifications later this week. Earlier, fans had also speculated that the superstar will be making a huge announcement on Vijayadasami, an important video speaking on the start of the political party, but later on, those rumours too subsided. 

According to the statement leaked, the superstar was expected to travel access districts in Tamil Nadu, meet with cadres, and fans and supporters, incite a reason of energy within them to bring a change but all plans were dropped after the state was put into a complete lockdown since March this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sources inside the party say such rumours have kept arising ever since the superstar made the announcement of his political start in December 2017. Rubbishing rumours of either an announcement soon, nor of the draft letter leaked of Rajinikanth’s statement, sources told republic, “Thalaivar has not made any announcement, nor is an announcement of that sort expected any time soon. But what can be told is that preparations are being made for his big entry into politics, because people want change, and only thalaivar can be the change Tamil Nadu needs.”

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