Rajinikanth’s “Spiritual Politics” May Hurt AIADMK More Than Others

Tamil Nadu will hold state elections early next year at a time when the AIADMK grapples with the absence of an iconic leader and anti-incumbency.


Superstar Rajinikanth’s tagline of “spiritual politics” in Tamil Nadu, many say, could significantly dent the ruling AIADMK in the state that will hold elections early next year.

Over the last few years, the AIADMK, they say, has grappled with the absence of a strong leader after J Jayalalitha’s death. With the party in power over the last nine years, it also faces anti-incumbency and the cadre could be drawn towards the 69-year-old movie star’s larger-than-life image.

With critics labelling Rajinikanth the “B-Team” of BJP, the opposition DMK is hopeful of keeping its fold including minorities intact, irrespective of Rajinikanth fighting alone or supporting the AIADMK-BJP alliance.

Political analyst and senior journalist GC Sekhar told NDTV, “Rajinikanth’s brand of spiritual politics will again eat into AIADMK which is full of temple-going Hindus. Rajinikanth’s entry will largely affect the AIADMK than the DMK.”

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