Rajinikath Urges Fans To Stop Protests Over Decision on Politics, Says It’s ‘Inflicting Pain’ on Him

Chennai: Actor Rajinikanth once again reiterated on Monday that he was not interested in entering politics. The actor took to Twitter to request his fans not to pressurise him to do so.

The actor issued a statement on Twitter after protests by members of the Rajini Makkal Mandram in Chennai on Sunday urging him to enter politics without any delay.

“I praise and thank those members of the mandram for not participating in the protest. But I am sad and worried about those who participated in the protest despite me explaining that I will not enter politics last month,” said Rajinikanth.

The actor said the members of the fan club were inflicting pain on him by asking him to join politics. “I have already explained in details the reasons for not entering politics. At least after this no one must keep pressurising me to enter politics. No one must protest like this as it will inflict more pain to me,” said the actor.

Hundreds of Rajinikanth fans had gathered in Chennai’s Valluvar Kottam on Sunday demanding the actor take back his decision to not join politics. The actor was supposed to launch a political party this month, but announced he wouldn’t citing health reasons.

On December 29, Rajini took to Twitter with a 3-page statement explaining the reasons for not entering politics. He made the statement after he was hospitalised in Hyderbabad for blood pressure issues.

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