RMM cadre discuss details of pre-launch with Rajini

Chennai: As the actor is expected to come to Chennai by weekend or early next week, all the decisions that were taken in the RMM cadres meeting have been explained to Rajinikanth. RMM sources also said that the superstar also gave suggestions with regard to selecting a place for the launch of his political party.
Soon after Rajinikanth’s announcement that he would launch the political party on December 31, RMM district secretaries had several meetings to discuss various measures that have to be taken. An RMM senior functionary, who attended the meetings, seeking anonymity, said that during the initial meetings all RMM senior functionaries were instructed for a membership campaign before launch.
“In addition, we have also discussed designing of party’s flag and constituting booth level committees across the state,” he said adding “we were also asked to monitor whether there were irregularities in appointment of booth level committee members in our respective districts.” Claiming that RMM district secretaries have reached maximum number of people during Rajinikanth’s birthday celebrations last week, “the senior members will soon come out with election manifesto, which would benefit the voters. In addition, the meetings also discussed election-related works such as poll campaign schedule,” he said.
Another RMM cadre also pointed out that soon after launching Rajini’s political party, the membership drive will also be started. He said suggestions were also given not only to expand women’s wing, but also to set up a strong Information Technology team to take-up poll campaigns through social media. 

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