RMM member asks Rajinikanth fans to participate in protest against Thalaivar’s political decision

Chennai: Despite warning from Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) top leadership, a party functionary from Thanjavur has called on Rajinikanth’s fans to participate in the protest against Thalaivar’s decision to exit electoral politics in Chennai on January 10.

Times Now’s Shabbir reported that some kind of unrest has been prevailing in Rajinikanth’s RMM after the megastar announced that he would not venture into active politics which came as a shock for his fans who wanted him to join politics.

Many RMM members have appealed to fans to not participate in the proposed protest. Earlier, Makkal Mandram (RMM) district secretary had issued a statement asking the cadres to not participate in a protest against Rajinikanth’s decision to exit electoral politics in the Tamil Nadu capital.

Following southern superstar Rajinikanth’s announcement to exit electoral politics, Thalivar’s fans have expressed their dissatisfaction by holding protests near the superstar’s residence in Chennai.

A mega protest has been reportedly planned at Valluvar Thottam on January 10.

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