Spiritual politics not communal: Thamizharuvi Manian

CHENNAI: ‘Aanmeega arasiyal’, the word that has kept the people of Tamil Nadu on tenterhooks, is finally getting more clearly defined. Thamizharuvi Manian, who has been supervising the work for the political party that is to be launched by actor Rajinikanth, clarified on Saturday that the actor will engage in aanmeega arasiyal (spiritual politics), which would encompass all faiths and not have any link to madha arasiyal (communal politics).

Answering reporters after holding discussions with the actor at his residence, Manian said, “A true spiritual person will not differentiate between people on the lines of religion and caste. Rajinikanth is a mature person. He will not act against or in support of any particular religion.

He is grateful to the entire State as he draws support from all sections of society.” Spiritual politics is not something Rajinikanth invented, Manian said, adding that it was practised by Mahatma Gandhi decades ago. Rajinikanth will provide an alternative to present-day politics and people are longing for his entry into politics, he asserted.

Manian went on to say the actor would not try to reach out to the people by highlighting the wrongdoings of the DMK and the AIADMK. Instead, he would approach the people through constructive, positive political ideas. “Until now, the State has witnessed hate politics, that is, speaking ill about all others.

But he won’t engage in such negative politics,” Manian explained. When asked if Rajinikanth was still firm on not being the Chief Ministerial candidate of his party, Manian said, “Whatever he said in this regard still holds good. But we did not discuss it today.”

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