Success !! Success!! – Rajinikanth



According to the media and various other sources , thalaivar and aishwariya has indulged for a scene in VIT. Enthiran crew sought prior permission from VIT for permitting them for the shoot in their Laboratory.

As we all know that our superstar is scientist in the movie.According to the scene Superstar along with Aishwariya is doing a research in the lab. Finally in the scene rajini shouts “Success !! Success !!” at-last. My guess is that both thalaivar and aish would have done this experiment in-order to prevent or stop the rampage or mischief  which is done or will do in future by Robot.Hmm !!.. Let us hope for the best..

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4 Responses to “Success !! Success!! – Rajinikanth”

  1. VIT is vellore institute of Technology..????????????

  2. very nice.I am very happy.
    this is a good project flime & meracle works.
    I am RAJINI sir in BIG fan. I Love my super star.

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! I’m Really Exciting this Pictures………..
    I Love My RAJNI Sir So Much……
    Love U Sir Love U Sir………

  4. i am sure thalaivar film going to rock… As fans we will celeberate now itself.

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