Superstar Rajinikanth Talks Politics, Then Lines Up Another Mega Film

Chennai: Megastar Rajinikanth, who had announced his political debut in December, is in no hurry to become a full-time politician. Even as “Kaala” and “2.0” are getting ready for release, the mega star has signed up for another big budget film.

In a tweet, Sun TV has confirmed that the superstar’s next mammoth production would be with them and Karthik Subbaraj, significantly to be presented by Kalanithi Maran.

The tweet shows photos of Mr Maran with Rajinikanth and Karthik Subbaraj, a 34-year-old filmmaker, much spoken about for his bold and experimental films.

Karthik Subbaraj tweeted thanking ‘Thalaiva’, saying his dream had come true.

After Rajinikanth made a dramatic announcement of entering politics on December 31, the impression was that he may not sign up for any more films, after the release of Pa Ranjith’s “Kaala” and Shankar’s “2.0”.

The megastar has been meeting fans and supporters, even appointing district secretaries for his political organisation but has not yet announced what he will do as a full-time politician.

Whereas Kamal Haasan has not just announced his party name and unfurled his party flag, he has also started a political yatra across the state.

Rajinikanth has indicated he will announce his political plans in terms of candidates and team and even a party name only after the announcement of elections. It would appear he does not expect state elections before 2021 whereas Mr Haasan seems to be preparing for an earlier date.

The 67-year-old met fans at Chennai on Friday and hinted that he would wait a little longer to make a public splash into politics.

He told fans: “Discipline and strong foundation necessary in politics. Let others make noise. We shall concentrate in our work.”

Whether that was a dig at Kamal Haasan is not clear.  However Rajinikanth has congratulated Mr Haasan on the party launch, saying it was well done. “Though both are working in our own way our goals are the same,” he said.

Mr Haasan met Rajinikanth before his party launch and even invited him to the event. Rajinikanth had then said that Mr Haasan was in politics not for money, name or fame but to serve the people.

Critics wonder if Rajinikanth is serious about politics at all. Some say he could even have second thoughts. Or he realises that it would work best for him to go full-steam after polls are announced.

The mainstream parties are watching the star invasion with some apprehension, wondering who would lose more with the political entry of the heroes. The AIADMK that has been battling crisis after crisis post J Jayalalithaa’s death and a split in the party, dismissed the superstars political debut as a flop show.

C Ponnaiyan, AIADMK spokesperson, said, “Both stars have lost their charisma in films as young stars have taken over and they are trying politics now. Negligible impact.”

DMK’s T K S Elangovan  insists star power will not cause them any electoral damage. “We’ve faced MGR and have survived. This is nothing. The DMK is used to such developments. MGR was successful because he took away DMK cadre. These actors have to build their own cadre.”

Till actor turned politician MGR was alive DMK chief Karunanidhi  couldn’t capture power. Both Dravidian arch rivals certainly understand the star power magic in electoral victory. But the big question is superstar Rajinikanth reluctant and backtracking or super sure that there would not be elections any sooner before the remaining 3 year term.

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