There’s nothing Rajini-can’t: When the Superstar flexed his acting chops

If there’s one actor associated with style, it is Rajinikanth. In the last few decades, every film of his has capitalised on this unique quality and provided cheer to millions of his fans worldwide.

But, he isn’t about the style alone. Much before he became one of Tamil cinema’s biggest superstars, Rajinikanth drew audiences solely for his acting abilities. Today, with the 51st Dadasaheb Phalke Award being bestowed upon him, Rajinikanth has been recognised as one among India’s top acting performers. There are several landmark performances in this journey, but here’s a look at a few noteworthy outings of the actor:

A man who makes pornographic films: that’s what Rajinikanth played in this rather spine-chilling film that shook the 70s. With a frightened Sridevi alongside him, Rajinikanth took up this bold subject and pulled off the villainy in it handsomely. Written by Panchu Arunachalam, Rajinikanth’s character (Rajarathnam) might not have received applause for his actions on the big screen, but his performance certainly did.

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