‘This is God’s warning to me’, says Rajinikanth, as he puts to rest political ambitions

Actor Rajinikanth has said that he will not be foraying into politics and starting a political party, owing to his prevailing health conditions and the larger risk of the COVID-19 pandemic and the new strain of the virus. In a three-page statement tweeted out in Tamil, the actor apologized to fans and well-wishers who were highly anticipating his foray, mentioning that only he understands the pain of making this announcement. 

Elaborating the recent developments, Rajini stated how he made an announcement regarding his political foray in January 2021 and went ahead with the shooting of his film in Hyderabad, despite the doctors advising against it. He made a mention of how four crew members contracted COVID-19, despite all protocols being strictly followed on their set. 

Rajini further said that even as he tested negative for COVID-19, the fluctuations in his blood pressure was a cause for concern, as he is the recipient of a transplanted kidney. Citing his health setback, Rajini mentioned the film producer’s decision to further postpone the shooting and the resultant financial losses and losses of livelihood. He called it a “warning from God”.

The actor reasoned that it would not be possible for him to gain traction among the masses and win an election by campaigning remotely via social media. He highlighted his vulnerable condition by comparing how he was hospitalized after a film shoot with 120 crew, and how he’d have to meet and interact with thousands of people as a politician, amid the second wave of coronavirus.

“Even if a vaccine becomes available, I am under immuno suppressants owing to the (kidney) transplant. If my health condition ends up deteriorating while campaigning, it would be an emotional and financial setback for those who are with me in this political journey” reads the statement. 

Just because people would speak ill of me in different ways, I don’t wish to make sacrificial lambs of those who believe and come along with me. The actor said this referring to his December 3 announcement, where he said that he would not go back on his words (regarding entering politics), even if he lost his life. 

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