Will TN people accept Rajini as ‘conductor’?

Chennai: Rajinikanth, who started his career as a conductor, prefers to end it the same way, but in political bus. Last week, at a crowded press meet which attracted journalists from all over the country, the superstar said he never aspired to become the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu and said that he only wants a change in political system.

Rajinikanth said that he has plans to appoint as Chief Minister, an educated youth who was compassionate and has self-respect. “With a two-leadership system for party and the government, the former would act as an opposition to highlight issues and would not even hesitate to remove the head of the government, if it fails to perform, ” he said.

The other ideas he proposed include allocation of majority seats to youngsters, educated and bureaucrats; and abolition of around 50,000 party posts immediately after elections, as they pave way for corruption.

”Take this message to the public, create a revolution. I will then come…” an emotionally charged Rajinikanth said in his message to his fans, or ”kaavalars” in his words.

His statement, that he would not occupy the driver’s seat (read CM chair), met with speculations that he was planning to pull out of politics. His remarks were trolled in social media and there were comments that he had tactically planned to stay away from active politics.

”Mahatma Gandhi said ”Be the change that you want to see in the world”. But Rajinikanth wants his fans to create the change, instead of he spearheading it from the front. His policies are interesting and intriguing. But how far they would be practically possible remains to be a question,” says a senior journalist.

According to Saravanaraja, a professor, ‘Rajinikanth’s policies sounded like watching director Shankar’s films, including the superstar’s own Sivaji. It is very difficult to implement them in reality. But, if he is able to pull it off, then it will sure be a huge political change”.

Last evening, apparently to put an end to the criticism that he would not enter politics, Rajinikanth said at an event in Chennai, ”I threw a drop into the ocean (people) and it is slowly gaining momentum. As elections come closer, there will be a wave…a tsunami. Myself and my fans will make it happen. It is also in the hands of the people.”

Kannan, a member of Rajini Makkal Mandram, says, ”we were initially shocked to see his press conference. Because, all these years, we wanted him to become the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu. But now, we understand his lofty ideals and are working to make them a reality”.

Meanwhile, sources close to the actor said that he would float a political party for sure and make some surprise announcements in the days to come. ‘Petta  paraak..”, so to speak.

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