Hundreds of Rajinikanth Fans Protest in Chennai Over Actor’s Decision to Abort Political Party

Hundreds of Rajinikanth fans gathered in Chennai’s Valluvar Kottam on Sunday to urge the actor to not quit politics. This comes two weeks after the actor announced that he wouldn’t be starting a political party, citing health reasons.

The actor was expected to launch a political party this month, but made a statement announcing otherwise in December 2020. However, Rajinikanth said that he would not do so after he was admitted to the Apollo Hospital in Hyderabad for blood pressure issues. The actor had also apologised to his fans for not keeping the promise he made.

While Tamil Nadu has a history of actors like J Jayalalithaa and MG Ramachandran becoming successful politicians, with the upcoming elections in 2021, Rajinikanth’s would have likely been a game changer.

The Hindu quoted Rajinikanth as saying, “If I enter politics, I will have to meet thousands, even lakhs of people while campaigning. Even within a tight setup where only 120 people were at the shooting spot, people were affected by COVID-19 and I had to spend three days in the hospital. Even if a vaccine comes, I am on Immuno Suppresant medicines and if some health issues arise for me while campaigning, it would put those who are with me on this political journey in a very tight spot and lead to untold miseries for them.”

The actor had also apologised to his fans and said the decision was a painful one.

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